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Links for 11.14.08: Musebin’s shorties, Kanye’s day, singing interviews…

*Buskers: The New York Times addresses the tragic death of Seattle’s Tuba Man. Sad story. I still love the term “busker.”

*Photography: Kissing the Ceiling – a series of photos of people kissing the ceiling. SOMETIMES IN AN AWESOME MANNER, LIKE WHILE STANDING ON A DOORKNOB. [urlesque]

*Short attention span: Musebin combines Twitter-style music reviews with Reddit-style ratings. I am not an enemy of the short. Generally. [listening post]

*Kanye: In today’s Kanye news, Mr. West got arrested (again) for getting into it with a photographer. He called himself the voice of his generation. And he apologizes to Jared Leto for “fronting.”

*Polling:‘s Nate Silver signs a two-book deal. Considering the “Things White People Like” guy got a one-book deal, this is only fair.

*Metal: In what Metal Sucks (and I’m not one to argue with such experts as they on this matter) has dubbed “the second most metal video of all time,” the following video consists of two guys drinking beer and punching each other. For like 6 minutes.

*Interviews: Watch Okkervil River’s singing interviews on Stereogum. No, really. Watch.

*Professional: I have a Linked In group called Professionals in Support of Clarity, Levity and Brevity. I don’t know why. YET.

Video: Neil Young driving around in his Lincvolt car

With “Mustang” playing in the background.

[daily swarm]

Video: Bears playing hockey. BEARS!

This video has nothing whatsoever to do with music. It has a lot to do with hockey-playing bears. Really, I have zero clue. And I don’t care how real, unreal or surreal it is.

[metal sucks]