Links for 11.15.08: Kanye’s anti-rant, monetizing P2P, Obama art…

by Josh Kimball

*Kanye: Kanye brings the rhetoric in an open letter calling out the haters. He never made out with Rihanna. And I like how he explains his punctuation choices at the end. (I really do.)

*Visual arts: Sound Wave is a crashing wave of vinyl. From 2007, but how have I not seen this before? Have I seen this before? [neural]

*Ideas: Music Think Tank ponders the possibilities of monetizing P2P filesharing. Maybe you could add your ideas instead of being such a negative asshole all the time. Oops, that was supposed to be internal monologue.

*Politics: As you may have heard, Barack Obama’s weekly radio addresses will be put up on YouTube. (I wonder if there’s any way they could show a nearly static video of an old-timey radio while the sound plays in these things.) Here’s the video of the first address.

*Also: For Obama-inspired art, check out the Obama Art Report. This is sort of weird. [largehearted boy]