Links for 11.21.08: Em’s candy, Kanye’s leaks, listening to movies…

by Josh Kimball

*Media mashing: I need to figure out a way to find time to explain my fascination with modern media that’s been removed from its original context – usually stuff that’s taken from more technologically advanced media to less. But I’m too busy listening to audio tracks of movies without the video. [cinematical]

*Music: If you would like some MP3s from a couple of old white guys, Aquarium Drunkard has tracks from Bob Dylan / Johnny Cash – 1969 Sessions.

*Food: Behold, this portrait of Eminem created from M&Ms. MMMMM. [idolator]

*Twitter: Shaquille O’Neal is on twitter. But you should just follow Fireland instead.

*Leaks: Kanye has started using imeem as a leaking platform for his new music. Leaking platform. Heh. [hypebot]

*Movies: You should look at these pie charts of the colors used in Sofia Coppola movies. They are aesthetically pleasing. And soothing. No, really. Look at the motherfuckers. Please? [golden fiddle]

*Thinking: 100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter. You may notice that the listenerd is not on here.

*Tumbling: Someone has devoted a tumblr to Gary Busey. Which is like devoting a life to sadness. [buzzfeed]

*Blogging: Here is the listenerd’s tumblr. Maybe I will bring twitter – which I have been doing quasi-anonymously for a month or so –back into the light some day in the near future. MAYBE.