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Links for 12.1.08: YouTube Symphony, Ho supermanning, The Knife opera…

*YouTube: Good fucking God, I got a huge “Lil Orphan Annie” ad when I clicked through to this article discussing the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, a recently launched classical music talent search. On a totally unrelated note, I really WANT TO SEE LIL ORPHAN ANNIE FOR SOME REASON.

*Heroes: Vulture interviews internet and hip-hop sensation Soulja Boy, who says of supermanning hos: “It’s really nothing that you can actually do.” Oh, you think?

*Movies: Spike Jonze is working on a documentary about Maurice Sendak, author of “Where the Wild Things Are” and other kids’ books. We have been on a real “In the Night Kitchen” kick around here for the past two weeks. And those bakers are creepy.

*Drinks: I didn’t know this until now, but today was National Bloody Mary Day.

*Nature: First the bees died, now acorns are disappearing? RUN. [bb]

*Singing: The Knife is writing an opera inspired by Darwin. Now this is an idea I can like. And not be ashamed of liking. Until later on.

*Twitter: Why Tim O’Reilly loves it. “I know not just what people are thinking about or reading, but enough about what they are doing that our relationship deepens, just like real-world friendships.” Personally, I like it for the bons mots. My own, usually. Or sometimes @Moltz’s. Or SeoulBrother’s.

*Things I read about, but am too bored with to post: Britney’s documentary, Britney’s popularity among web searchers, Pownce’s closing, the top 20 nude celeb scenes in cinema of 2008, the top ten hip-hop samples in history and A-Rod in general. You effers need to stop wearing me down.

Video: Fleet Foxes’ “Blue Ridge Mountains” From the Basement

Well, it’s here. [universal]

Video: The Physics Tango

It’s science as interpreted by dance.