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I am not dead or injured.

A few items, in list form:

*Oh look, Wired’s digital music-related blog Listening Post died. That kind of sucks? I linked to them often. To be honest, it feels sort of like a downsizing, where you see a dude who did work similar or related to your own get laid off, shake your head sadly, but know that he was getting paid more than you.

*I am not dead! Or injured. (EXCEPT for the brain damage.) I was buried in work. Also, I think I may be retarded. And bald. And fat!

*I am twittering like a (non-anonymous) human again. Wow. That red burns even MY retinas. And I can barely see. (I should have added that in the above item.)

*I’ve linked to a concert video of the song previously, but MFR is offering Bon Iver’s “Babys” as a download right now.

*I wanted to write a long, hateful post about the logistical ineptitude of last weekend’s Craft-o-Rama hosted at Minneapolis’ Midtown Global Market, but what self-respecting man can whip himself into a rage about craft-o-rama logistics? (In public.)

Video: A vintage Brunswick phonograph playing soothingly

“White Christmas.”

This may be the finest video of a phonograph playing I have ever posted on this site.

It’s Christmast music, it’s soothing, and there is a dog. If this doesn’t simultaneously soothe you and make you weep with nostalgia for a time you never truly knew, then you are NOT EVEN HUMAN.

Watch it. That is all.