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Video: Fraggles vs. Europe = “Fraggle Countdown”

We used to listen to “The Final Countdown” a LOT when I was in high school. In a mocking manner, of course.


Links for 12.10.08: Unemployment sites, Google’s trends, Bon Iver sings…

*The Great Recession: If you have been laid off or soon will be, Unemploymentality, a website for the “penniless and downtrodden.” [snarkmarket]

*Zeitgeist: Google Zeitgeist data puts Sarah Palin at the top of the most-searched-for list, Obama is at #6 and the Jonas Brothers are #10.

*Mashing: Cat Power vs. Capone-N-Noriega on “Fortunate Dunn.” [byroncrawford]

*Music: Bon Iver’s got new music out. Find “Beach Baby” here. I’m sorry for posting so much about Bon Iver this year.

*Shilling: If you like FOOD or EATING, maybe you should read the quickie blog posts of my colleague Charlotte Beal – Signature Dish. It’s just a suggestion.

*Twitter: Fuck superfluous profanity. Five people you should at least consider following on Twitter: @Fireland, @Aedison, @pagecrusher, @delfie, @DieLaughing. (These are some of the less obvious choices. OK; done.)

*Search: Ask Google who the worst band in the world is, and it will tell you that it’s Creed. I just bought three shares (I’m poor). [fark]