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Video: Ninja Kittens (Toyota commercial)

According to Autoblog, this video is an ad for some Australian-version Corolla.

In a rare, stellar comment from a YouTuber, ohiohay says: “I would watch a whole movie of this.”

(It seems like it should be named Kung-fu Kittens, though.)


Some links you may either enjoy or despise

*Names: If you are not familiar with the rapper Shorty Shitstain, you should be. Loosely associated with some of the guys from the Wu-Tang Clan, he has a name that brightens my day. Every day. Sometimes I wake up and just look at it. [cracked] [Yes, I just via’d Cracked.]

*Album covers: If you would like to see some classic hip-hop album covers recreated in Legos, click this HYPERLINK. I like the EPMD one. [coudal]

*Christmas: Frightened Rabbit is rereleasing a little Christmas cheer in the form of special holiday music. More importantly, they are being quotable. “I feel like I have a similar relationship with Christmas as I do with booze. Each make me feel nice in a fairly false way.”

*Reselling: An oldish story, but I’m finally linking to it – Should you be able to sell used MP3s? [tlp]

*Movies: You can watch a clip of the Mickey Rourke film “The Wrestler” here. I consider myself hideous, but this guy…

*Graphs: I hated myself for enjoying this graph. Now I’m going to try to cheer myself up by watching “Hotel Rwanda.” (Not kidding about that. F you Netflix.)

*Economics and pubic hair: One of my colleagues pointed me toward a recent article on Salon that says pubic hair is back in. She then suggested that the “Bush line” may be the new “lipstick index.” This is why work can sometimes be tolerable. Well, this and the ability to pay bills.

*Shorty Shitstain? Shorty SHITSTAIN?