Links: Personal crap and miscellaneous bullshit

by Josh Kimball


*Captions: The above picture was snapped outside an excellent Chinese joint (Little Szechaun) near my house. It is not – TO MY KNOWLEDGE – a pornographic video store.

*Note: For the past 8+ years, I have had a box in my various basements with the words “Personal crap and miscellaneous bullshit” scrawled on it.

*I Made You a Beard: Explore this fantastical world of felt beards. It makes me feel all beardy! [mefi]

*Eating: The One Dollar Diet Project blog details the lives of two social justice teachers as they try to eat on a buck a day.

*Psych: Why we listen to Christmas songs. Basically, holiday songs are annoying because they’re boring. Plus a lot of scientific shit. You know who kind of rules? Josh Groban.

*Cybernetics: Watch this news segment of a man who lost an eye, then put a camera in his empty eye socket. [mefi]