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Video: A phonograph playing Christmas music

If this video doesn’t SIMULTANEOUSLY ROUSE YOU AND SOOTHE YOU, YOU CAN GO TO HELL! Sorry. But shit – it’s Christmas.

Links for 12.6.08: Snoop’s shed, Ru Paul, and FELTRON returns…

*Commerce: You can buy a shed Snoop Dogg used to own for $1,000 on eBay. [earsucker]

*Data: The Wall Street Journal discovers Nicholas Felton and his Feltron annual report. I’ve mentioned this on the ‘nerd before, but YEARS ago, when I was still regularly writing for my day job (behind the firewall) I did a report called Dashboard Universe, that tied together some data organization movements that were happening at the time. Feltron himself was also nice enough to do a great, deadpan video explaining the motivations for his project (a video which I should now dig up and post). The dude’s 2008 report is due out soon. You may now hit me over the head with a shovel for going down Memory Lane.

*Lake Street Is for Lovers: Craig Finn writes in the Independent about leaving Lifter Puller behind and starting up The Hold Steady. Yes-yes. Y’all. [bv]

*Crossdressing: Kanye talks about Ru Paul: I ACTUALLY FEEL RU-PAUL IS PRETTY GENIUS… THIS PHOTO REMINDS ME OF SOME DAVE LACHAPELLE WORK. You know I didn’t make that up, because it is in all caps.

*Drinks: Obama Soda sells with French teens. [murketing]

*Localish: A Chippewa Valley publication talks about Bon Iver’s success. “Even though Mount Vernon was “only” a local high school band, it was a popular draw for adults like myself at The Metro (even though none of the nine members, including Justin, were old enough to enter the place as patrons).” Side note: I went to a show at the Metro in Eau Claire once. It was decked out with Miami Vice 80s flair 20 years after and 10 years before it was cool to be neon. [chuckles]

*Contests: Some dude on Twitter convinced me to throw a SLOGAN to the Threadless Wolves. Vote here. If I prove victorious, the money will go toward a good cause. Which may mean a local food shelf. Or my heating bill.

*Also: Here are Minneapolis’ top 100 twitterers. Man, it really highlights the differences between quantitative and qualitative data… Yeesh. If you want to try to find more people to follow, Mr. Tweet will give you recommendations. I don’t mean to be rude, but Mr. Tweet didn’t tell me about anyone I didn’t already know of.