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Miscellaneous year-end listenerd bullshit: 2008

Hello, it is the end of the year, and for an unknown reason you are reading the listenerd. Welcome.

First, I would like to warn you that this will be painfully boring. Because it will not be about Fergie peeing her pants. Or anyone else peeing his or her pants. Unless I pee my pants in the very, very near future. What it will instead be about is anything falling under the broad category of “Miscellaneous year-end listenerd bullshit: 2008.”

Second: business time. Many thanks to the fine readers who have come here and read things over the past year. Even to those who have come searching for pornographic materials. Sorry. Thanks also to those who have commented, sent e-mails, twittered, etc. Regards.

Thanks also to the fine bloggers who link here, e-mail interesting tidbits or angry words, make “social media connections” through various inanely named, platform-specific means (poking, nudging) or slap me directly across the face in person. Particular propers for general 2008 awesomeness go to: Startling Moniker, ControlRoom, Blisslist, Urlesque, Switchblade Comb, Idolator, The Daily Swarm and Spin City, and several others that I have doubtless omitted.

Stats: Please note that I am not a multinational corporation, nor am I Web 2.0 platform that is harnessing the power of crowds, nor do I have a payroll for this endeavor. Instead, I am a single human being, blogging with a singularity of purpose that is known only to one person in the universe. (My job is to find that person, and to kill him.)

Despite these facts, the ‘nerd is now up to 1,657 posts, almost half of them mediocre.

The top five posts for the year, in order NOT of stupidity, but rather in order of pageviews:
1) Censored nude dance party.
2) Famous people who Twitter.
3) Arnel Pineda’s Embassy Aid Speaks.
4) The Believin’ has not stopped.
5) Lil’ Nutzzak’s “(You Make Me So) Hard”.

An analysis of which goes to show you:

1) I am an idiot.
2) Why am I doing this again?
3) People like sex.
4) People like new Journey frontman Arnel Pineda.
5) People like following famous people (who are, as a rule, TERRIBLE twitterers) on Twitter.

The three most clicked-upon links for the year were…

1) Henry Rollins’ purported Twitter account. (Now dead.)
2) Diablo Cody’s purported Twitter account.
3) Snoop Dogg’s Twitter account.
Side note: Why did Snoop Dogg purchase an umbrella?
Answer: Fo Drizzle.

Finally, I offer you my personal favorite items posted on this blog this year. They have nothing to do with anything, except what I happen to like right now. Please note: I have had a Surly Furious, a glass of wine and a Legacy Chocolates truffle. All within the last 15 minutes. Also, I am bald.

1) Recommendations and anti-recommendations.
2) The Oh, Fuck It Edition.
3) Flying Wang Attacks Kasparov.
4) Mashup review: Girl Talk’s “Feed the Animals”.

Thank you – sincerely – once again for your patronage this year (if applicable), and (once again) regards forever.


Video: Maurice Sendak’s “In the Night Kitchen”

Found this animated version of Maurice Sendak’s “In the Night Kitchen” in my twitterstream. It is jazzy, psychedelic and mildly terrifying (say both me and the little Dude).