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Video: Roald Bradstock throws an iPod 154 yards

I don’t know if it’s real, fake, stupid or brilliant, but that outfit looks like it’s straight out of Hipster Runoff.

Music: Bon Iver, Forever Ago

Recently, I got a flotilla of old music recorded by Justin Vernon (Bon Iver before he was Bon Iver), including self-recorded songs, as well as music from Hazleton’s and DeYarmond Edison. Just starting to dig in.

Here’s an excellent self-recorded tune from Bon Iver (well, just Justin Vernon at the time he recorded it) called “Ring Out.” It is from way, way back. He was less falsetto and more Springsteeny back then.

Anyway, go to Mr. Vernon’s MySpace page to snoop around, and by all means purchase his new EP, Blood Bank (it comes out January 20).

(Also, apologies for sending you to the tumblr for “Ring Out”; ick!)

Links for 1.2.09: Prince’s albums, torrenting records, vinyl bling

*Labels: Open Your Eyes Records distributes all of its new music via BitTorrent. This may come as a shock to you (geek that I am probably perceived to be), but I have never torrented anything. Because I am retarded. And about as impatient as they come.

*Prince: Supposedly, Prince is planning on putting out 3 new albums in 2009. He also seems to be regretting those anti-gay comments in the New Yorker right about now.

*Fashion: Vling is vinyl bling – jewelry made out of old records. There are SKULLS. [spinning indie]

*Sales: Go to Coolfer for charts (with COLORS) breaking out music sales for 2008. All things considered, not bad. I mean, we’re in a global economic meltdown.

*Economy: People are taking less pay in order to have any job at all. I’m crying on the outside. And inside.

*Fashion: The party’s over for makers of novelty New Year’s Eve eyewear.

*Green: Landsharing connects people with the yard space for great gardens with gardeners who want to expand their growing potential. Look, not everything in the world is about music. Also, I’m a shitty gardener.

*Mashups: Jay-Z vs Radiohead = Hovahead. [radiohead at ease]

*Local: Watch some video of Mark Mallman on New Year’s Eve at MNStories.

*Twitter: Tweetree actually looks pretty useful – though if I can’t star things from inside it, I can’t use it.

*Food: Where the Wild Things Are bento boxes. Wow. [neatorama]