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Video: Joaquin Phoenix rapping and falling off a stage

Is that really Joaquin Phoenix? If so, I empathize with his lack of balance, but applaud his magnificent beard.


Video: Trailer for “Mellodrama” documentary

A documentary about the rise and fall of the mellotron.


Links for 1.18.09: Obama’s BlackBerry, Springsteen’s album, firefighters’ masks…

*Social music: reports 204% growth in U.S. unique visitors for 2008.

*Boss: For those of you who like Bruce Springsteen, you can get hear his new album, “Working on a Dream” in its entirety when it debuts on NPR just before midnight tonight.

*Tools: These vintage firefighters’ masks aren’t some bullshit fictionalized version of a mechanical past. They’re REAL, motherfuckers. And they are awesome. I would also check out this radiowave helmet.

*Midwest: Stereogum points out that one Bon Iver has a new song, “Brackett, WI,” available. From here on, you can cut off a finger every time I mention Bon Iver. (That’s my way of saying I’m sorry.)

*Memorabilia: In efforts to take advantage of this week’s inauguration hype, one company is making necklaces out of portions of recycled ballots from the 2008 elections. It’s also offering framed ballots as posters. (I wonder how much a framed Lizard People ballot from the Minnesota Senate election would fetch.) [treehugger]

*Politics update: Barack Obama: Still smoking. Still using a BlackBerry.

*Twitter: Marvelously pithy. Goodbye.

Video: Blitzen Trapper’s “Furr”

Like, drawings and shit.

Video: Fleet Foxes on SNL

Fleet Foxes perform “Mykonos” on SNL. Hilarious retro-tech, captioned video.