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Links for 1.24.09: Chinese hip-hop, Stradivarius science, and I was a “terminal student”

*Foreign affairs: The New York Times on the rise of Chinese hip-hop: “Hip-hop is free, like rock ’n’ roll — we can talk about our lives, what we’re thinking about, what we feel.”

*Science: The secret of Stradivarius violins is in the chemicals – borax, fluorides, chromium – used to protect them from worms. Look, I nearly failed Physics for Retards in high school. Back then they called us “terminal students.”

*Criticism: Considering it’s Slate, I’m surprised they didn’t go with the headline “Why Billy Joel Is the Greatest Singer on Earth.” [poploser]

*Ephemera: Where you can find music thoughts, free for the taking. [indie music tech]

*Mukluks: Pete Wentz. [fark]

*Twitter: Four things to read.

Video: Gladwell wonders if the Beatles were “prodigies”

The embed for this video of Malcolm Gladwell talking about the question of “prodigy” using the Beatles as a case study is a little wacky, so you could also click here.

He looks very frail.

[Update: The embed was auto-playing so I got rid of it. And I’m very angry.]