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Links for 2.4.09: Videogames as old books, Hipster run-ons, SWEARING…

*Mixed media: Era-swapping media mashups come to video games. Read up on these games imagined as old-timey books.

*Interviews: The Village Voice talks to Carles of Hipster Runoff, the man who inspired me to create a podcast. Turns out, I’m a shitty podcaster. (Did you know that on-air epigrams just create a whole lot of radio silence? FACT!) A quote from Carles, “I feel like the “Carles” part of HRO is insignificant, and it probably makes the site easier to digest without “some dude” attached to it. It’s more of a naive, bro-like, third-person omniscient tone.” [lots of people!]

*Affection: Kiss Me in 3-D allows shut-ins with 3-D glasses somehow on hand in their homes to pretend to kiss a three dimensional man or woman on their laptop screen. FUN? [pop candy]

*Machines: Ze Frank made a little application that lets you draw with your voice. Here’s what happens when you run some well-known music through it. [waxy]

*Cursing: If you like the eff word, you’ll love reading a transcript of Christian Bale’s recent expletive-filled on-set tirade. (Strongly recommended.)

*TV: Michel Gondry is slated to direct an episode of “Flight of the Conchords.” Throw in Radiohead and Kanye West and you have the four winds of the blogging world, all in one place. (Not sure what that means.) [spincity]

*Blogs: I don’t follow the inside blog game that closely, but it’s interesting that the company is spinning parent blog Babble’s spin-off from sex-blog Nerve as a strong sign for the baby. You’d think buy on sex and sell on sippy cups, but Babble just raised $2M in funding.

*Update: Like Dr. King said, I will overcome. I don’t think he was talking about me, though. And I now he wasn’t referring to my just being really tired.

Video: Ken Nordine’s Image Jazz

The music reminds me of scriball.