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Links for 2.6.09: Obama hightops, Aesthetic Apparatus tour, NO JOBS

*Shoes: Barack Obama hightops are sure to CHANGE your game. You probably didn’t see what I did there. Because it was SO subtle it crossed over into the realm of laziness. FUCK.

*Culture mashing: Rihanna has one of her fingernails painted with a portrait of Barack Obama done in the style of Shepard Fairey’s iconic poster. I wonder what a 50-year-old person living in 1961 would think upon reading that sentence.

*Images: I don’t know if this is Falco’s grave or not, but I would like to dance on it nonetheless.

*Employment: Job losses are really bad. The fundamentals of our economy aren’t strong. I know you don’t come here to read this, but I thought I would write it again. And again. And again. And again. “No sign that worst is over.”

*Interviews: A Vibe talk with Kanye West yields this nugget: “I don’t want to take a loss because touring is my livelihood. But I’ll definitely sacrifice. Maybe I’ll make half of what someone else will make. But I think I’ll make history at the same time. Or change people’s minds about hip hop culture, about black culture. And do something that people will remember for the rest of their lives. That’s more important than money.” Huh. Nothing about bisexual porn.

*Twitter: I think Pete Yorn and Rainn Wilson should be twitter friends. Writing that sentence only heightens the disgust I have for myself.

*Local: The Post Family takes a tour of Minneapolis poster boys Aesthetic Apparatus. I may have mentioned this before but I have Shrinkin’ Lincoln in my living room. (That’s not a euphemism; it’s a print.)

Video: Fleet Foxes’ “Mykonos”

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