Links for 2.10.09: Banhart’s family, world’s longest sausage, more

by Josh Kimball

*Cassettes: Look at these vintage cassette tape inserts on Flickr and weep. Tears of joy. And nostalgia. And beer, probably. I need to drink less beer. That last part is mostly unrelated. [bad banana]

*The Economy: Muzak – yes, the elevator music people – has filed for bankruptcy. I guess fewer people are taking the elevator these days? [daily swarm]

*Television: Smoking Section asks What if rappers were characters from The Wire? Jay-Z = Stringer Bell, D’Angelo = Bubbles. [the rap up]

*Photography: Family is a coffee table book of photographs of Devendra Banhart and his relatives. What in the world is going on here? Also, remember the Natalie Portman days? [largehearted boy]

*Interviews: The Wall Street Journal tracks down the stars of David Goes to the Dentist. “I felt bad doing it but I had tears coming out of my eyes after it was over because it was just hilarious.” [waxy]

*Twitter: Twitter is going to start charging for corporate accounts.

*Food: Who doesn’t want a look at the world’s longest sausage? Huh. Longer than I was expecting, but in no way intimidating. (No idea.)

*Projects: The Beatles Complete on Ukulele is a project whose authors seek to perform and record all the Beatles songs on the uke, while also writing corresponding essays about them. [bb]

*PHONOGRAPHS: Check out the videos of phonographs playing music in an INCREDIBLY soothing manner toward the bottom of this page. Your mind will be soothed. Your body will be soothed. [d-prince]

*Humor: If you like Fireland, you may continue reading this blog. And you should probably read this. Okay, maybe it’s a little puerile, even for me.