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Links for 2.12.09: Shakespeare, stolen bikes and streaming iTunes…

*Oldies: Good magazine takes a look at some of the forward-thinking music labels trying to make hay with old-timey issues. “Some insightful, primarily web-based record labels have found success in the rediscovering and re-issuing of lost vinyl classics, and in the process, they’ve resurrected some of the finest music ever forgotten.”

*Business: Apple may be jumping into the streaming music business with an offering called iTunes Replay. Also, Twisten lets you “listen to Twitter,” crawling Twitter for music tweets, than letting you listen to mentions. (I’ve barely tried it.) [the daily swarm]

*Twitter: Twitter of the Shrew mashes up Shakespeare and Twitter. Also, You Might Be a Webcock… points out some bad Twitter behavior. (I resemble those remarks about brevity and clarity. EFFERS.) The Houston Press digs into musicians on Twitter. Also, Twestival is like a “Live Aid for Twitter.” I can’t keep up anymore, I don’t think. And that’s saying something. [webcockery via spin city]

*Images: This may well be the coolest storefront I’ve ever seen. From Hey Mr Glen (and viewed 200k+ times already!).

*Theft: Someone Stole My Bike features videos of people who have had their bikes stolen. Have rhetorical simplicity and purity ever been more important in communicating with a potential audience? (Some may say “simple-mindedness.”) [mefi]

*Tomorrow I will return stronger than ever. (I tell myself that all the time.)

Video: Simian Mobile Disco’s “Synthesise”

These dots are the opposite of soothing. And they will BLOW YOUR MIND. In a good way.

I have created a Fake Sam Beam Twitter account

In an attempt to prepare myself for recording a highly comedic podcast with bearded singer-songwriter Sam Beam, of Iron and Wine, I have created a FakeSamBeam twitter account. It will consist mostly of crying. And singing. And open weeping.