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Video: Louis Prima’s “Buona Sera” on the phonograph

If this spinning vinyl doesn’t soothe you, perhaps you have serious problems. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Video: Boston Celtics fan dance


Links for 2.14.09: Guitar Hero dips, music as torture, Pimpin’ Curly…

*Beamcast: We are entering our first weekend of Project Beamcast – an attempt to get Iron and Wine singer Sam Beam to record a podcast with the listenerd – and have still heard nothing from the singer. Progress, though, has been made. First interview question: Do you know how to record and edit podcasts in GarageBand?

*Swearing: If you liked the transcript of Christian Bale’s rant, you might love to see his carefully chosen words rendered in candy Valentine hearts. [murketing]

*Human rights: The Wall Street Journal tackles the issue of music as torture – mentioning Reprieve, a British human rights organization, and Zero dB, a site that protests against musical torture specifically.

*Local: Haley Bonar did a Daytrotter session. She used to make a mean mocha at the St. Anthony Park Dunn Bros. For your information. [more cowbell]

*Videogames: Sales of Guitar Hero and Rock Band have fallen, GH dipping 22% year over year. The sales numbers are interesting, but all of the takes I’ve been reading about Guitar Hero as fad and the death of “music games” in general are annoying. Music was just a small facet of what pushed the games’ growth; the bridging of the meatspace/metaverse divide (like as with the Wii, etc.), though, is what truly sparked non-gamers’ imagination. Music and videogames companies’ attempts to expand their audience has focused on types of content and left the issue of straddling real/digital spaces largely behind in terms of product strategy, probably because it was too hard to figure out. Aerosmith flavored GH? Ugh.

*Video: The LOLinator allows you to add a laugh track to your YouTube videos. I’m crying on the outside. Apropos of nothing, really. I just am. [presurfer]

*Wonks: Seth Godin blogs about Music vs. the Music Industry. To paraphrase: It’s a good time to be heard, it’s a bad time to sell. The future is hazy. Weeeee. [largehearted boy]

*Video: I have not watched and hereby swear to never watch any of 50 Cent’s “Pimpin’ Curly” videos. This sworn oath should need no further explanation.

*Twitter: As of December 2008, 11% of Americans said they’d used Twitter. The company also took another $35M in VC money recently. Also, there’s a Twitter style guide now. Whatever.