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Video: Official Tweet-reading of Guy Kawasaki

“Is iChat down right now?”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Links for 2.15.09: Post-crash America, Barbie CT scans, Harper’s Index…

*Economics: The Atlantic offers up a long article asking the question “How Will the Crash Reshape America?” Detroit will be empty.

*Singing: The New York Times Magazine profiles Neko Case. With pictures. [largehearted boy]

*Medicine: RadiologyArt offers up CT scans of a variety of objects, including a Barbie and a Fillet-O-Fish. [sciencepunk]

*Concepts: Site views. A site that displays its site views. My mind is blown. [notes]

*Books: Nick Hornby is doing an album with Ben Folds.

*Blogs: I don’t remember Eyeteeth doing Bits on a regular basis before. I think it’s my new favorite thing; even if it’s old.

*Stats: Harper’s Index is online. [fimoculous]

*Twitter: They might try to make money by selling analytics to their users. [techmeme]