Links for 2.16.09: Yoko’s 25 Things, Jacko’s sweatsocks, Nate Silver’s takedown…

*Facebook: Yoko Ono writes her own 25 Things. So funny, I had to poke her. [eyeteeth]

*Visuals: Look at these glittery sweatsocks on sale in an auction of some of Michael Jackson’s old stuff (image #4). And buy them if you want. Wow. [hinto]

*Labor: MIA blogs about the birth of her child. In pink. [pop candy]

*Economics: Freakonomics starts a discussion about what kinds of purchases consumers put off in a recession, and what kinds of product and services (cheap cigarettes, porn) don’t see much change.

*Predictions: Nate Silver does 2009 Oscar predictions for New York magazine. OK, let’s draw straws: Who wants to write the take-down article? [lots of places]

*Albums: Buzzfeed uncovers a paradigm through which one can understand every album ever made. Well, actually Cracked wrote it. Cracked. I’m 34 and I’m linking to Cracked. I’m 34 and I’m LINKING to things. I’m 34.

*Local: I like these posters (especially PURPLE LIGHT), and if that means you hate me, you hate me. Fucker. [notcot]

*Twitter: Here are six quips you may find amusing.

*Commercials: The guy in the Best Buy commercial with the stupid little beard will ultimately result in diminished year-over-year revenues for the big box electronics retailer.