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Video: Garble Arch – A Day in the Life of Abbey Road

A time-lapse video at the scene of the Beatles’ famous album cover. (Lots of posers!)


Links for 2.18.09: Low’s slowcore, Detroit’s dead zoo, Hendrix vodka…

*The Wilds: Check out these photographs of an abandoned zoo in Detroit. (I have over 10 cases of Tabasco sauce hidden on the grounds of Como Zoo in case we get to the Mad Max part of this recession. You’ll never find them.) [mefi]

*Local: Drowned in Sound is profiling key bands in the slowcore music, including Duluth’s own Low. “In an early interview, from 1996, Alan Sparhawk joked that Low originated from an idea to make the slowest, most depressing music possible.” I went to a few Low concerts back in the day. People sat on the floor and I was shushed. VEHEMENTLY.

*The economy: Watch the story of our credit crisis told in terms an 8-year-old can understand. Delivered in a patronizing tone somewhat reminiscent of Al Gore circa 2000. [notcot] On a related note, consumer spending is looking bad for the next couple of months.

*Booze: You can’t buy Jimi Hendrix vodka because the MAN says Hendrix Electric Vodka is copyright infringement. Did they call it “copyright infringement” when he played the national anthem like a motherfucker? Well? Did they? (That may not be germane to the conversation.)

*Nightlife: There’s a Snuggie Pub Crawl being planned in New York. I’m still a slanket man. But I can’t tell you why. (Not really sure.) [gothamist]

*Twitter: The microgblogging platform is ready to integrate Summize and make search more central to the experience. I need to learn how to use this tool (twitter).

*Rhetoric: Christopher Hitchens was beaten by thugs in Beirut. Sent by Mother Teresa’s people, probably?