Links for 2.19.09: Daniel Johnston on art, Retweeting vs. Favrding and chicken

by Josh Kimball

*Podcast: Still no traction in my quest to convince Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam to record a comedic podcast with me (the listenerd’s first), though I have now figured out my 2nd interview question: “Do you know any jokes?” Doubtless, he will have one that makes use of the homophonic phrase “Mountin’ Party.” DOUBTLESS.

*Interviews: Harvey Pekar interviews Daniel Johnston in Black Book. Holy weirdness. This is like me talking to…Sam Beam. Or something. DJ: “My writing is an absentminded, subconscious kind of thing. I’m lucky if I write a song a week, but I like to try every day. It’s always been that way.”

*Graphics: This flowchart for porno movies is not safe for work at all.

*Social graphs: I recommend looking at the Facebook Nexus. If you are interested in getting your MIND BLOWN about things that probably don’t mean much. I feel bad for the dots that only have me. [the deets]

*Eating: A Flick photo pool called The Fried Chicken Pantheon collects pictures of dining establishments that serve chicken. I am ON RECORD as saying that the Famous Bowl is man’s most incredible creation. [coudal]

*Marketing: What brands do 19 teens and tweens associate with music? You can see the answer to that question, here. MTV! Apple! Facebook! Huh. [ypulse]

*Beards: Can you put 2,000 toothpicks in your beard? OK, how many chopsticks? [urlesque]

*Movies: The Art of the Title Sequence takes a look at the good beginning parts of all kinds of movies, and even offering commentary on them. Here’s 300. [good]

*Twitter: Read this post about “Twitter’s two cultures,” Favrders and Retweeters. I’m neutral in this debate, but retweeters are retarded morons. [fimoculous]