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Month: February, 2009

Video: Garble Arch – A Day in the Life of Abbey Road

A time-lapse video at the scene of the Beatles’ famous album cover. (Lots of posers!)



Links for 2.18.09: Low’s slowcore, Detroit’s dead zoo, Hendrix vodka…

*The Wilds: Check out these photographs of an abandoned zoo in Detroit. (I have over 10 cases of Tabasco sauce hidden on the grounds of Como Zoo in case we get to the Mad Max part of this recession. You’ll never find them.) [mefi]

*Local: Drowned in Sound is profiling key bands in the slowcore music, including Duluth’s own Low. “In an early interview, from 1996, Alan Sparhawk joked that Low originated from an idea to make the slowest, most depressing music possible.” I went to a few Low concerts back in the day. People sat on the floor and I was shushed. VEHEMENTLY.

*The economy: Watch the story of our credit crisis told in terms an 8-year-old can understand. Delivered in a patronizing tone somewhat reminiscent of Al Gore circa 2000. [notcot] On a related note, consumer spending is looking bad for the next couple of months.

*Booze: You can’t buy Jimi Hendrix vodka because the MAN says Hendrix Electric Vodka is copyright infringement. Did they call it “copyright infringement” when he played the national anthem like a motherfucker? Well? Did they? (That may not be germane to the conversation.)

*Nightlife: There’s a Snuggie Pub Crawl being planned in New York. I’m still a slanket man. But I can’t tell you why. (Not really sure.) [gothamist]

*Twitter: The microgblogging platform is ready to integrate Summize and make search more central to the experience. I need to learn how to use this tool (twitter).

*Rhetoric: Christopher Hitchens was beaten by thugs in Beirut. Sent by Mother Teresa’s people, probably?

Quick links 2.17.09: Music vs. Sex, Minneapolis food and blogging, SPARK and whatever…

*Time: I have awoken at around 4 a.m. the last two days. Due to my own deliriousness, I will keep this short, though there is actually much I’d like to crank out right now.

*Performance: SPARK, a totally geeked out music thing – I mean a “Festival of Electronic Music and Arts” – is hitting the Twin Cities tonight through Sunday. (Warning: This festival was recommended to me by a diehard Burning Man attendee and it features a performance called “Rocks and Bottles.” ) [steuer]

*Sex: 60% of 16 – 24-year-olds would rather go without sex than go without music for a week. (I haven’t had time to read the linked-to study yet. Maybe at 4:30 tomorrow.)

*Cinema: If you like looking at things (and I, for one, love this activity), I will recommend to you Film Stills. “I feel like certain frames of films should be studied like photographs.” I barely read any more words than that. Nice pictures, though. [coudal]

*Local: With Denton-esque flair, The Deets’ Ed Kohler holds a blog post (about alt-weekly City Pages Advertising Department employees writing positive reviews for companies who advertise with them) hostage, asking prospective readers to bid money to see the post killed or released (they paid; and it was released early). **Side note: Ed Kohler has made an implicit promise to teach me how to twitter correctly.

***Further, somewhat related note: Heavy Table, a new online food magazine for the Upper Midwest has launched. Reading about food is like eating newspaper. I just made that up. I think. And in the nick of time, given the impending death of print. And the imminent food shortage.

Video: Running on Hope (politics)

Watch it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Links for 2.16.09: Yoko’s 25 Things, Jacko’s sweatsocks, Nate Silver’s takedown…

*Facebook: Yoko Ono writes her own 25 Things. So funny, I had to poke her. [eyeteeth]

*Visuals: Look at these glittery sweatsocks on sale in an auction of some of Michael Jackson’s old stuff (image #4). And buy them if you want. Wow. [hinto]

*Labor: MIA blogs about the birth of her child. In pink. [pop candy]

*Economics: Freakonomics starts a discussion about what kinds of purchases consumers put off in a recession, and what kinds of product and services (cheap cigarettes, porn) don’t see much change.

*Predictions: Nate Silver does 2009 Oscar predictions for New York magazine. OK, let’s draw straws: Who wants to write the take-down article? [lots of places]

*Albums: Buzzfeed uncovers a paradigm through which one can understand every album ever made. Well, actually Cracked wrote it. Cracked. I’m 34 and I’m linking to Cracked. I’m 34 and I’m LINKING to things. I’m 34.

*Local: I like these posters (especially PURPLE LIGHT), and if that means you hate me, you hate me. Fucker. [notcot]

*Twitter: Here are six quips you may find amusing.

*Commercials: The guy in the Best Buy commercial with the stupid little beard will ultimately result in diminished year-over-year revenues for the big box electronics retailer.

Video: Official Tweet-reading of Guy Kawasaki

“Is iChat down right now?”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Links for 2.15.09: Post-crash America, Barbie CT scans, Harper’s Index…

*Economics: The Atlantic offers up a long article asking the question “How Will the Crash Reshape America?” Detroit will be empty.

*Singing: The New York Times Magazine profiles Neko Case. With pictures. [largehearted boy]

*Medicine: RadiologyArt offers up CT scans of a variety of objects, including a Barbie and a Fillet-O-Fish. [sciencepunk]

*Concepts: Site views. A site that displays its site views. My mind is blown. [notes]

*Books: Nick Hornby is doing an album with Ben Folds.

*Blogs: I don’t remember Eyeteeth doing Bits on a regular basis before. I think it’s my new favorite thing; even if it’s old.

*Stats: Harper’s Index is online. [fimoculous]

*Twitter: They might try to make money by selling analytics to their users. [techmeme]

Video: Louis Prima’s “Buona Sera” on the phonograph

If this spinning vinyl doesn’t soothe you, perhaps you have serious problems. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Video: Boston Celtics fan dance


Links for 2.14.09: Guitar Hero dips, music as torture, Pimpin’ Curly…

*Beamcast: We are entering our first weekend of Project Beamcast – an attempt to get Iron and Wine singer Sam Beam to record a podcast with the listenerd – and have still heard nothing from the singer. Progress, though, has been made. First interview question: Do you know how to record and edit podcasts in GarageBand?

*Swearing: If you liked the transcript of Christian Bale’s rant, you might love to see his carefully chosen words rendered in candy Valentine hearts. [murketing]

*Human rights: The Wall Street Journal tackles the issue of music as torture – mentioning Reprieve, a British human rights organization, and Zero dB, a site that protests against musical torture specifically.

*Local: Haley Bonar did a Daytrotter session. She used to make a mean mocha at the St. Anthony Park Dunn Bros. For your information. [more cowbell]

*Videogames: Sales of Guitar Hero and Rock Band have fallen, GH dipping 22% year over year. The sales numbers are interesting, but all of the takes I’ve been reading about Guitar Hero as fad and the death of “music games” in general are annoying. Music was just a small facet of what pushed the games’ growth; the bridging of the meatspace/metaverse divide (like as with the Wii, etc.), though, is what truly sparked non-gamers’ imagination. Music and videogames companies’ attempts to expand their audience has focused on types of content and left the issue of straddling real/digital spaces largely behind in terms of product strategy, probably because it was too hard to figure out. Aerosmith flavored GH? Ugh.

*Video: The LOLinator allows you to add a laugh track to your YouTube videos. I’m crying on the outside. Apropos of nothing, really. I just am. [presurfer]

*Wonks: Seth Godin blogs about Music vs. the Music Industry. To paraphrase: It’s a good time to be heard, it’s a bad time to sell. The future is hazy. Weeeee. [largehearted boy]

*Video: I have not watched and hereby swear to never watch any of 50 Cent’s “Pimpin’ Curly” videos. This sworn oath should need no further explanation.

*Twitter: As of December 2008, 11% of Americans said they’d used Twitter. The company also took another $35M in VC money recently. Also, there’s a Twitter style guide now. Whatever.

Videos: Richard Thompson and The Walkmen do Black Cab Sessions

Check out the lovely Black Cab Sessions videos for Richard Thompson and The Walkmen.

Also, a big eff you to Vimeo Plus. (I would also like to take this opportunity to say the same to 1-800-Flowers.)

Links for 2.12.09: Shakespeare, stolen bikes and streaming iTunes…

*Oldies: Good magazine takes a look at some of the forward-thinking music labels trying to make hay with old-timey issues. “Some insightful, primarily web-based record labels have found success in the rediscovering and re-issuing of lost vinyl classics, and in the process, they’ve resurrected some of the finest music ever forgotten.”

*Business: Apple may be jumping into the streaming music business with an offering called iTunes Replay. Also, Twisten lets you “listen to Twitter,” crawling Twitter for music tweets, than letting you listen to mentions. (I’ve barely tried it.) [the daily swarm]

*Twitter: Twitter of the Shrew mashes up Shakespeare and Twitter. Also, You Might Be a Webcock… points out some bad Twitter behavior. (I resemble those remarks about brevity and clarity. EFFERS.) The Houston Press digs into musicians on Twitter. Also, Twestival is like a “Live Aid for Twitter.” I can’t keep up anymore, I don’t think. And that’s saying something. [webcockery via spin city]

*Images: This may well be the coolest storefront I’ve ever seen. From Hey Mr Glen (and viewed 200k+ times already!).

*Theft: Someone Stole My Bike features videos of people who have had their bikes stolen. Have rhetorical simplicity and purity ever been more important in communicating with a potential audience? (Some may say “simple-mindedness.”) [mefi]

*Tomorrow I will return stronger than ever. (I tell myself that all the time.)

Video: Simian Mobile Disco’s “Synthesise”

These dots are the opposite of soothing. And they will BLOW YOUR MIND. In a good way.

I have created a Fake Sam Beam Twitter account

In an attempt to prepare myself for recording a highly comedic podcast with bearded singer-songwriter Sam Beam, of Iron and Wine, I have created a FakeSamBeam twitter account. It will consist mostly of crying. And singing. And open weeping.