Non-music links for 3.1.09: David Foster Wallace, the Dunbar number, That’s What She Said…

*Reading material: Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letters over the years. [daring fireball]

*Friends: Read this post on Facebook, the evolution of social networks and the Dunbar number, which states, “that the upper limit on the number of other people that any human can maintain as a stable network is around 150.” The average number of friends for Facebook users is around 120.

*The Economy: It’s Worse Than You Think It Is.

*Reading: The New Yorker takes on David Foster Wallace’s unfinished novel, “The Pale King.”

*Rule of law: Do you want the opportunity to read a bunch of boring bills before they’re voted on? Read the Bill. [huffpo]

*Twitter: That’s what she said. Aggregating the tweets that received the reply “That’s what she said.” [buzzfeed]

*Warning: Avoid black mead.