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Video: “Mother of All Funk Chords”

I am embedding this now. Thru-You. Deal with it.

Links for 3.13.09: Crying, wearing eggs, buying black, going crazy?

*Crying: Directly into my cupped hands.


*Music: If you crowdsource a song – specifically “Daisy Bell” – to 2000 helpers, this is what it sounds like. [info aesthetics]

*Consumption: One family, the Andersons, is trying to “buy black” all year, purchasing goods only from African-American-owned companies. [murketing]

*Drinks: Sting has his own brand of wine. It doesn’t “have a bouquet,” it “stinks.” I’m guessing.

*Attn NYTLabs: Call me.

*Music: Steve Earle is recording a Townes Van Zandt tribute album called Townes. With Neil Young and Neko Case. Naked. That one was for you, FlatRat. Also, I was lying about the end part.

*The Law: Peruse the mugshots of the people arrested at Phish’s recent reunion concert. HOLY SHIT, BEARDS. [buzzfeed]

*8-bit: Listen in awe to this medley of hip-hop games made from old videogame system sounds. [coudal]

*Twitter: Trent Reznor thinks that Chris Cornell embarrassed himself. He said so by updating Twitter (known in some circles as the Ultimate Badass Report) from an application called TWEETDECK. Now that’s some hard-ass beef. [xrrf]

*Another twitter thing: SXSW twitter conversations visualized. By Pepsi. [waxy]

*Meta: Spin City thinks I am crazy.

*Local: Apparently, the Twin Cities are experiencing a burger boom. The day job’s food expert (based in southern California) has also been reporting L.A. burgermania for several months.

*Today’s links: C-