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Video: Trailer for Cloud Cult dvd “No One Said It Would Be Easy”

Links for 3.14.09: Tom Waits, meltdown charts, Mary-Louise Parker…

*Movies: Tom Waits will appear in a post-apocalyptic Western called “The Book of Eli.” Based on imminent events.

*Data: Here are 27 visualizations and infographics to help you better understand our current global economic meltdown. [mefi]

*Fights: Lefsetz Letter Guy Bob Lefsetz vs. KISS Guy Gene Simmons. The most yawn-inducing vs. since Gene Simmons vs. That One Chick in that one video on Gawker whenever that was. [vicarious]

*Twitter: You may find this list of 100 things more popular than twitter amusing. I read all the way through it, expecting to see “your mom.” But no.

*Recession: Have I mentioned recently how the global economic meltdown is significantly changing the economy of recycling? Barges of garbage. It kind of rhymes, but it’s also sad.

*Songwriting: Mary-Louise Parker REALLY likes Josh Ritter in the most recent issue of Esquire.

*Interviews: The idea of reading a Twitterview between George Stephanopoulos and John McCain makes me sick. Almost as sick as the idea of listening to a podcast between Sam Beam and yours truly makes me. Also, fascinating that John McCain is still using tinyurl rather than (NO CLUE). [huffpo]

*Notes: Four things to read.