Links for 3.15.09: Moustaches, guerrilla preservation and lasagne

by Josh Kimball

*Hair: The 2009 NYC Beard and Moustache Championships were recently held in Brooklyn. I shaved today with minimal blood loss. FYI.

*History: The Kingston Lounge is a blog dedicated to “guerrilla preservation and urban archaeology.” The images are whatever the combination of haunting and awesome is. [bad banana]

*Media: Clay Shirky thinks the unthinkable about newspapers.

*Blankets: Rob Walker makes his way to the Snuggie and the Slanket for the New York Times Magazine.

*Twitter: WeFollow is a user-generated index of Twitter users from Digg’s Kevin Rose. I considered registering myself under the category of lasagne, but to this point have abstained. Any suggestions welcomed. Regards.

*Eco: Your term to know: Bright Greens. As a colleague of mine pointed out, a run at using the Obama hope/effectiveness paradigm to frame the sustainability movement.

*Local: Here’s a video of Minneapolis band Hyder Ali playing at the Nomad World Pub. You may recognize the guy on the right as Chuckles.

*Periodic Tables of Things: How far away from a periodic table of periodic tables are we? HOW FAR?

*Grade for today’s links: Crying into my cupped hands.