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*Update: Do not panic.

*Games: I have posted about how the rules of Scrabble need to be changed previously, citing a letter to the editor that appeared in a recent issue of the New Yorker. The Wall Street Journal is now on the case. HOLD UP. Doesn’t Nate Silver have an exclusive contract to write these kinds of article for the rest of the year?

*Music: According to the Performing Rights Society (and the BBC News), revenues for live music in the UK have overtaken those for recorded music. I love this quote: “We’ve been doing some maths back at the office.”

*Charts: Some of the charts in the blog referenced at the end of this sentence have popped up on other sites previously, but I do recommend checking out the USA Sitcom Map along with the other graphic goodness at Dan Meth. I feel like Dan Meth and Andrew Kuo might get into a fight some day. Just like Nate Silver and that Wall Street Journal guy. [mefi]

*Twitter: The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy wants you to write a song about Linda Rondstadt on Twitter.

*Jobs: Don’t read The Economist if you are easily Depressed. See how I capitalized that?

*Beverages: The New Yorker tells you what to drink in a recession – The Long Island Iced 401(k), The Bear Market Shot and more. I’ll be honest: I’ve cut my alcoholic beverage consumption in half over recent months. Mostly because I’m fat.

*Items: Buy these gorgeous straight razors now as a novelty item, rely on them to protect and provide for your family post-economic collapse.

*Note to Google Reader: Google Reader, if we can’t push through like 3,000-4,000 items in an hour, we are going to have a REAL PROBLEM HERE. MFer.

*Today’s links: C-. Too much commentary. IDIOT.

Video: Jack Black on ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’

Doompa-tee DOOM.

It’s here! JACK BLACK IS SCARY, like a bowling ball.

I’ll be completely honest with you: I don’t know how to make stupid Brightcove videos not auto-start when embedded.


Video : Fleet Foxes interview


[culture bully]

Video: DJing with a blender

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Video: Extreme Sheep LED Art

I am terrified of all animals. There are no exceptions to this rule.