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Month: April, 2009

Links for 4.30.09: White rappers, vinyl portraits, lanyards…

*Art: Check out these portraits of musicians drawn on vinyl Daniel Edlen. Reminds me of the “drawings” done with magnetic cassette tapes. [coudal]

*Hip-hop: Vulture writes up a history of white rappers. Remember Pete Nice? He’s on there. Probably my favorite rap name, due to its pleasantness.

*Blogs: Here’s my Dickens URL [presurfer]

*Hang: A Swine Flu poster on your wall? I thought I had SARS for a while. Also, anthrax. Years ago. (I’m not joking.) [eyeteeth]

*Lists: You will notice one blog that is NOT listed in the Hipster Handbook. My beard growing begins NOW. [shorties]

*Crafts: Sublime Stitching has made some of Daniel Johnston’s art into crafty needlepointy things. [pop candy]

*Fashion: Wear a lanyard with a rain hood on it. And thank me when you are complimented on it. Or thank baileygenine.

*Books: Gwyneth Paltrow reads Eric Carle. This is like the Arcade Fire being used for a “Where the Wild Things Are” trailer or something. Oh.Da

Video: “Rap Chop” – Slap Chop Remix


Video: Real life Twitter

From College Humor comes Real Life Twitter. It appears I cannot embed it. Regards and I despise my lack of knowledge.

Links for 4.29.09: Epilepsy, the Swine Flu and a skeleton…

*Purple: Prince had childhood epilepsy?

*Jobby: I wrote a thing for the jobby job. It’s about twitter. It’s called “I Don’t Know What Twitter Is.” Pay no attention to that hideous head shot.

*For Us, By Us: Paste has come up with a list of songs about musicians. Six items? No Big Bopper or shit like that? Why am I linking to such a weak-ass list? I ask myself that every time I link to a weak-ass list. [shorties]

*Health: Listen to the Swine Flu amino acid sequence as music. IF you’re not worried that simply hearing it will infect you. [waxy]

*Drink: I just learned about the existence of Ed Hardy wines from Murketing’s linkdump. And now I’m sad. And drinking wine.

*Internet radio: lets you listen to a stream of 8-bit music. And then you probably go crazy. [lyrical_miracle]

*Twitter: Hypebot pulls together a top 10 list of twitter tools for musicians. Why am I linking to a list that is labeled as one thing, but is not at all specific to musicians? Now I’m just getting sick of myself. RELATED: The Twitter Approval Matrix could be a useful way to frame your potential followees.

*Art: Someone has buried a real-live skeleton somewhere on the grounds of the Walker Art Center. Just FYI.

*Quips: Five funny things to read.

*Today’s links: Treading on a D. Self-loathing: A+.

Video: Daichi Beatboxes

I think someone is grunting in the background.

Links for 4.27.09: Meat cards, vinyl and job loss

*Food: Meat business cards are memorable, but spoil quickly. Like so many business relationships. Umm, what? [presurfer]

*Economy: This Slate map of American job losses is impressive and scary. I still have a job as of this writing.

*Vizzie: Wiredsets grabs an infographic of vinyl sales from Nielsen SoundScan. Bars! Big dots!

*Apple: A certain musician is planning on performing only with iPhones. I find the long-term AT&T contracts to be off-putting. Related video: Watch a dude spin records on an iPhone. [waxy]

*Videogames: You can play frisbee golf with Tiger Woods. Some call it frolfing. Somebody bring a oney!!! WHEW!!!! I was channeling my 8th grade buddies right there.

*Twitter: Check out a map (built with Yahoo! Pipes) of your Twitter followers. Better in theory than in execution. Like a certain blog THAT YOU ARE READING RIGHT NOW???

*Today’s links: Bite me.

Video: Honda Insight’s Let It Shine ad on Vimeo

Go to Vimeo to watch this ad. It grabs you. [waxy]

Video: PS22 sings “The Eye of the Tiger”


Links for 4.25.09: KISS burgers, Idolator, bankruptcy in coasterville…

*Food: The KISS BURGER. Will it make you as sick as Gene Simmons does? [mefi]

*Imagery: Fortunate Teens Party with Morrissey, 1994. On a surprisingly sensible note, Morrissey does not like Rolling Rock beer. [boingboing]

*Economy: The world’s largest maker of drink coasters has gone bankrupt. [medialoper]

*Watch: Susan Boyle reaction videos. Some are even more compelling than the 2 Girls, 1 Cup reaction videos. Not really.

*Economy: Idolator had to get rid of all of its contributors, columnists and etc. Ugh. Who will lose their people next? The Listenerd?

*Twitter: Another history of Twitter, from the Wall Street Journal. I would have preferred that it be more pithy.

*Today’s links: C-

Video: Mashup of SpongeBob and Journey’s Arnel Pineda

Is this really the Arnel Pineda version of “Faithfully”? AM I REALLY OUT OF MY MIND?

Links for 4.23.09: Fair Trade music, offline Facebook, Benjamin Franklin letters…

*Sustainability: The Guardian asks, Could there be such a thing as Fair Trade music?

*Amusing: Songs as alert boxes. It’s better than it sounds. Kind of. [buzzfeed via tds]

*Offline: Analog Facebook books. (WITH HOLES CUT OUT FOR THE EYES.) [eyeteeth]

*Prints: Check out this Beastie Boys shit. Again. (I think.)

*BREAKING: Some copies of Benjamin Franklin letters not seen since 1755 were uncovered recently by a California professor. Benjamin Franklin took cold-air baths. NAKED.

*Twitter: Mr. Kottke defends twitter against the likes of Ms. Dowd. Now I’m torn. I think. Erik Price, who is actually pretty good at Twitter, writes on the topic, too.

*Note: Happy birthday to my dad.

Video: Peter, Bjorn and John do a Black Cab Session

You have to click through to the video, which is here. I’m sorry. Somewhat related: I’m an above average whistler.

Video: Warp 11’s combo on “Sex, Sci-fi, and Rock and Roll”

As they say, “rock out with your Spock out.”


Links for 4.22.09: Gum art, Beer’s story, owl tattoos…

*Beverages: The Story of Beer. It is the greatest story ever told. EVER. Because of what it’s about. Beer. [notes]

*Guidelines: A good rule for anyone’s unborn son (or daughter): Never push someone off a dock.

*Twitter: Maureen Dowd talks Twitter. Who’s sad? Also, read up on Things You Should Not Twitter.

*Musicians: Digital Music News pulls together a list of musicians with a lot of followers on Twitter. For more musicians twittering, you can also look at the list I put together back in the day. (Qualitatively, though it pains me to say it, John Mayer is the best among them.) [tds]

*Blogs: Browse this blog, which is wholly dedicated to owl tattoos. I have mentioned on dozens of occasions the fact that I’ve considered getting a tattoo of a baby chicken wearing a party hat and carrying a cane. [coudal]

*By gum it’s gum: Holy fucking gum sculptures. [urlesque]