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Links for 4.3.09: Facebook credits, photo dictionary, Black Flag tattoos…

*Entertainment: The L.A. Times looks at how entertainment pulled America out of the Great Depression. Help us, Kanye West; you’re our only hope? [murketing]

*Social Media: Facebook is getting ready to offer “credits,” in what looks like a way to accumulate and put metrics around “Likes” or other positive feedback on statuses or other postings. That approach has worked well for Favrd, but obviously, many differences.

*Reference: The photographic dictionary is nice, but it doesn’t have many words in it. Does that remind you of any bloggers you know? That you are reading right now? [nictate]

*Literature: “Barred for Life” is a book about band superfans; in this case, people who have gotten Black Flag tattoos. This may be obvious, but I’ve been contemplating getting a tattoo of a baby chicken wearing a party hat and carrying a small cane for almost two years now. [tds via poploser]

*Economy: It’s only April and more than 2 million jobs have been lost in America this year.

*Today’s links: D. Don’t be afraid to be hard on yourself.

Video: The Two-Handed Theremin