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Quick links for 4.6.09: The Half-Assing Edition

*Digital music: Check out the Tone Matrix. But first “Please install latest flashplayer.” Also, I am an idiot.

*Albums: Bearded Iron & Wine singer-songwriter-maniac Sam Beam is putting out an album of rarities called “Around the Well” on June 1st. What are the odds he will include an idiosyncratic-but-charming podcast on that album? 0%.

*Cooking: Kate Moss has a cookbook coming out. Somewhat related: Blueberry is Minnesota’s state muffin. I’m a cranberry/white chocolate man. But you knew that already. And I’m not talking about muffins. (WHAT?)

*Beef: If you love beef, you will love Toby Keith vs. Ethan Hawke. There are no losers in this beef. Because there are no winners in this beef. And I hate Ethan Hawke.

*Heroes: Browse this gallery of Mexican Superheroes. [lyrical_miracle]

*Work: The Workaholic Suit is padded so you won’t hurt yourself if you keel over. They couldn’t have at least made the tie striped? I mean…

*Local: A Minneapolis bike company hired a local writer to compose a series of 17 fictional posts as a way to build traffic and brand recognition.

This dovetails with something I’ve been wondering. For any localites (or non-Twin Citizens, I suppose) reading this: Are there any qualitatively good twitterers from Minneapolis or St. Paul that I should know about? I don’t care about numbers of followers. I do care about signal vs. noise (I’m for the former), entertainment or insight (I’m for either), and generally low volume (not, like, 20 a day). Any suggestions appreciated (it’s complicated, ok?). I may not follow your advice.

*Today’s links: F. Never half-ass it.

Video: “If U Seek Amy” in sign language

Previously, I posted a YouTube video of Rihanna’s “Disturbia” rendered in sign language. Now comes the sign language video for the Britney Spears song “If U Seek Amy,” which presented unique challenges for signing considering the chorus sounds like a young lady spelling out “eff-ewe-cee-kay me.”

Best of luck.

[switchblade comb]