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Links for 4.8.09: Hype Machine, online attribution, letter from T.S. Eliot…

*Digital music: Hype Machine’s Anthony Volodkin talks about whether Hype Machine is bad for music. “We probably did play a role in the growth and attention that music blogs have received. This changes the dynamics of many things, as bigger audiences tempt the wrong people to do the wrong things (post link bait, poor quality content but in large quantity etc).” [daily swarm]

*Literature: T.S. Eliot – editor at Faber & Faber in 1944 – explains why he rejected George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” [inessential]

*Twitter: There is a race to be the first Twitterer with 1,000,000 followers going on right now, and I am losing. My money, as always, is on Britney. Though John Mayer (or his ghostwriter) is somehow not bad with the medium at all.

*E-retail: Click and wait. I don’t know how to read this language. Netherlandish. (Flemish?) [coudal]

*The internet: Waxy makes internet attribution debates not boring.

*Updates: Six things to read on twitter. (I started looking at the quality of the posts from some Minneapolis Twitterers and I’m scared. And I don’t scare easily.)

*Today’s links: Strong D. STRONG.

Video: Billy Bob Thornton’s Q TV interview

Video: Frank Zappa on “What’s My Line?”