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Links for 4.14.09: Illustrated Magnetic Fields, Twitter insights, inscrutable enough…

*Blogs: How Fucking Romantic is a blog that endeavors to illustrate the Magnetic Fields album “69 Love Songs.” My personal mantra happens to be “Love is like a bottle of gin.” [shorties]

*Orchestra: The YouTube Orchestra will make its debut at Carnegie Hall tomorrow. I, for one, will wait for the shortened, online video to come out.

*Twitter: An article from the New York Times called “Finding Utility in the Jumble of Tweeted Thoughts” touches on some of the things I’ve been noodling about. Better yet, Twitter exegeses. [jimray]

*Video: The viral video of the moment is “We Didn’t Start the Flame War,” from College Humor. I will take that teabagging video any day. [waxy]

*Cinema: The White Stripes will be releasing a movie this year. NOT like the one the fake Meg White made earlier this year.

*Photography: Check out this extraordinary Lucha Libre photo gallery. [coudal]

*Literature: You name your story, these guys write it (in 100 words). I will submit a title when I can come up with one inscrutable enough. And there you have it; “Inscrutable Enough.” [mefi]

*Today’s links: D-. Let’s not kid ourselves. YET.

Video: Making Sonic Tweets with Tweet A Sound

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Video: Teabagging day – INNUENDO

Whatever your political persuasion, there can be no doubt that this is INNUENDO at its most aggressive. Like. WOW. (I’m not even sure if this is “real,” but the wordplay is sensational, nonetheless.)