Links for 4.14.09: Illustrated Magnetic Fields, Twitter insights, inscrutable enough…

by Josh Kimball

*Blogs: How Fucking Romantic is a blog that endeavors to illustrate the Magnetic Fields album “69 Love Songs.” My personal mantra happens to be “Love is like a bottle of gin.” [shorties]

*Orchestra: The YouTube Orchestra will make its debut at Carnegie Hall tomorrow. I, for one, will wait for the shortened, online video to come out.

*Twitter: An article from the New York Times called “Finding Utility in the Jumble of Tweeted Thoughts” touches on some of the things I’ve been noodling about. Better yet, Twitter exegeses. [jimray]

*Video: The viral video of the moment is “We Didn’t Start the Flame War,” from College Humor. I will take that teabagging video any day. [waxy]

*Cinema: The White Stripes will be releasing a movie this year. NOT like the one the fake Meg White made earlier this year.

*Photography: Check out this extraordinary Lucha Libre photo gallery. [coudal]

*Literature: You name your story, these guys write it (in 100 words). I will submit a title when I can come up with one inscrutable enough. And there you have it; “Inscrutable Enough.” [mefi]

*Today’s links: D-. Let’s not kid ourselves. YET.