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Links for 4.22.09: Gum art, Beer’s story, owl tattoos…

*Beverages: The Story of Beer. It is the greatest story ever told. EVER. Because of what it’s about. Beer. [notes]

*Guidelines: A good rule for anyone’s unborn son (or daughter): Never push someone off a dock.

*Twitter: Maureen Dowd talks Twitter. Who’s sad? Also, read up on Things You Should Not Twitter.

*Musicians: Digital Music News pulls together a list of musicians with a lot of followers on Twitter. For more musicians twittering, you can also look at the list I put together back in the day. (Qualitatively, though it pains me to say it, John Mayer is the best among them.) [tds]

*Blogs: Browse this blog, which is wholly dedicated to owl tattoos. I have mentioned on dozens of occasions the fact that I’ve considered getting a tattoo of a baby chicken wearing a party hat and carrying a cane. [coudal]

*By gum it’s gum: Holy fucking gum sculptures. [urlesque]

Video: The AutoTuned News

I would like to receive all of my news this way. Or else in massage form. (I don’t know what that means.)