Links for 4.25.09: KISS burgers, Idolator, bankruptcy in coasterville…

*Food: The KISS BURGER. Will it make you as sick as Gene Simmons does? [mefi]

*Imagery: Fortunate Teens Party with Morrissey, 1994. On a surprisingly sensible note, Morrissey does not like Rolling Rock beer. [boingboing]

*Economy: The world’s largest maker of drink coasters has gone bankrupt. [medialoper]

*Watch: Susan Boyle reaction videos. Some are even more compelling than the 2 Girls, 1 Cup reaction videos. Not really.

*Economy: Idolator had to get rid of all of its contributors, columnists and etc. Ugh. Who will lose their people next? The Listenerd?

*Twitter: Another history of Twitter, from the Wall Street Journal. I would have preferred that it be more pithy.

*Today’s links: C-