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Video: “Rap Chop” – Slap Chop Remix


Video: Real life Twitter

From College Humor comes Real Life Twitter. It appears I cannot embed it. Regards and I despise my lack of knowledge.

Links for 4.29.09: Epilepsy, the Swine Flu and a skeleton…

*Purple: Prince had childhood epilepsy?

*Jobby: I wrote a thing for the jobby job. It’s about twitter. It’s called “I Don’t Know What Twitter Is.” Pay no attention to that hideous head shot.

*For Us, By Us: Paste has come up with a list of songs about musicians. Six items? No Big Bopper or shit like that? Why am I linking to such a weak-ass list? I ask myself that every time I link to a weak-ass list. [shorties]

*Health: Listen to the Swine Flu amino acid sequence as music. IF you’re not worried that simply hearing it will infect you. [waxy]

*Drink: I just learned about the existence of Ed Hardy wines from Murketing’s linkdump. And now I’m sad. And drinking wine.

*Internet radio: lets you listen to a stream of 8-bit music. And then you probably go crazy. [lyrical_miracle]

*Twitter: Hypebot pulls together a top 10 list of twitter tools for musicians. Why am I linking to a list that is labeled as one thing, but is not at all specific to musicians? Now I’m just getting sick of myself. RELATED: The Twitter Approval Matrix could be a useful way to frame your potential followees.

*Art: Someone has buried a real-live skeleton somewhere on the grounds of the Walker Art Center. Just FYI.

*Quips: Five funny things to read.

*Today’s links: Treading on a D. Self-loathing: A+.