Links for 5.4.09: “You’re” digital self, Lebowski Minneapolis, Wu-Tang covers…

by Josh Kimball

*HOLY: Here’s a visualization (called “You’re”) of your digital self, as seen through an aggregation of data from twitter, flickr, and other sites. [waxy]

*Virtuality: Rob Walker takes on digital goods (and “Immaterialism”) in his New York Times column.

*Art: One man reimagines Wu-Tang records as Blue Note albums. I received about four days worth of stolen jazz albums from Russia as a gift once. [tds]

*Local: HOLD UP. The Lebowski Fest is coming through Minneapolis this year? Also, Har Mar Superstar will be playing at some Lebowski Fests this summer. Also, my son likes to run up and down the ramp outside the pet store at Har Mar mall.

*Twitter: It appears that Mike Doughty is not terrible at Twitter. Keep hitting the “more” button and you’ll eventually see the one where he talks about busting up a Starbucks (not really).

*Media: Does personality predict media usage better than age, gender and a bunch of other factors? You probably know what I’m going to say.

*Music: Wilco fans can find a lot of music at the wilco archive. Who knew? [shorties]

*Today’s links: D+. Things might be looking up for the old links?

*I feel like I need a beard again.