Links for 5.6.09: YouTuuuuube, car culture, Minnesota beer…

by Josh Kimball

*Multiplicity: This is the only way to watch YouTube. However, I would also like it if it were always on and you could tune each of the channels individually.

*Auto: Nate Silver, anointed voice-on-earth of the Lord our God Jesus H. Christ, says that Americans are shifting away from car culture.

*Metal: Metal Hammer, after thoroughly researching the matter, names the “top metal celebrities.” Javier Bardem is an inspired choice, in my opinion.

*Local: I hate City Pages. But I love beer. I’m OK on the whole question of Minnesota. All in all, read this article on Minnesota beers. SURRRRRLYYYYY.

*Twitter: My qualitative study of Twin Cities twitterers has hit a snag. Mostly because I feel like the “local” angle is once again like being forced to eat broccoli.