Links for 5.10.09: Mobile Phone Orchestra, full-court pressing, Oprah and KFC…

*Orchestral: Check out the Mobile Phone Orchestra on NPR’s All Things Considered. I didn’t get a cellphone until 2004 or so. [murketing]

*Gladwell: Says the New Yorker‘s Malcolm – Weak basketball teams should full-court press more often. Effort can trump arms. Backlash to Gladwell only comes from those who read too much into him in the first place. He’s a good storyteller. Backlash is nearly always meant to be an instructive effort toward one’s future self.

*Sources: Harper’s links are pretty good. They really need to open up their RSS feed, though.

*Music: The Times profiles Steve Earle on the occasion of his completing his album (“Townes”) of songs by Townes van Zandt. (Regards, Flatrat.) Whatever your opinion of Steve Earle, he OWNED the role of Bubbles’ AA sponsor in “The Wire.”

*Twitter: A list of CEOs who Twitter. Most people are terrible at the medium. That doesn’t mean the medium is terrible. I thought I would reiterate that for the 400th time. Also, Bon Iver. Bono sucks. I am bald. GOODBYE. [techmeme]

*Instruments: If I had any idea what these squidolin people were talking about, I’d tell you. I don’t. And I went to one of the finest public schools in America. Well, at least a passable one. [notcot]

*Sex: The Stranger releases its annual sex survey. Are you a pervert? Check here. (If I were a lesser man, I would have sent you to Lemon Party with that last link. But I am not. A lesser man. At this time.) [waxy]

*Work: My colleague was quoted extensively on CNN on the matter of the Oprah Winfrey / KFC chicken giveaways. Have I mentioned what a great idea I think FAMOUS BOWLS are? IN THEORY ONLY? In theory only.

*Today’s links: D-. I love you, mom. And I’ll try to do you proud next time. Again.