Links for 5.11.09: Har Mar, Brian Williams and Neutral Milk Hotel…

*Music: Brian Williams is a music blogger now. Maybe it’s time to get out. While I still can. Can I? No? Well, starting a tumblr is sort of a loophole, right?

*FUN: Oh look, an interactive graph of global unemployment! In tomorrow’s links: Foreclosures and baby slappings.

*Things: I have not mentioned Amanda Palmer’s Neutral Milk Hotel musical based on “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” yet. This is because I like the band’s songs very much.

*Local: I live near Har Mar Mall. I am not a superstar, or even close to one. Nor would I ever make that claim. Nor allow my physique to take such shape. Also, hoboburgers. [mnspeak]

*Today’s links: Uranium.