Links for 5.13.09: 8-bit Miles tribute, Bach’s face, Klingon opera…

by Josh Kimball

*Projects: Kind of Bloop – Help fund an 8-bit tribute album to Miles Davis. Then spend the rest of your life trying to explain to your friends what, exactly, that whole idea even is.

*Music: There’s a new Wilco record out.

*Opera: u is a Klingon-language opera whose very existence terrifies me. AND EXCITES ME. Except not that last part. Could take it or leave it, really. [neatorama]

*Images: The Face of Bach aggregates images of Johann Sebastian Bach. I like the idea of a site that aggregates images of a person or thing, offering an a-temporal view of what they “look like.” Does anyone even know what I’m talking about here or am I just making up crazy bullshit? Seriously, baby to old man, fat to thin, good to bad, bald to extremely bald, sew it all up and just tell me what I look like. [presurfer]

*Companies: You can skateboard at the Red Bull headquarters. Did I ever tell you about the time I kickflipped off a rail slide? That’s because it never happened. And I don’t know what it means. [psfk]

*Blogs: 100 blogs that are helping change the world. You will note that everyone’s favorite blog about phonographs spinning in a soothing manner has been excluded. Again. [mandylevenberg]

*Local: ART? HUGE MURALS? RECORD STORES? BEARS? Broken Crow and OverUnder decorate Shuga Records.

*Today’s links: Back to the shitter today. But that Bon Iver cover video from earlier tonight was damn passable.