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Links for 5.17.09: Slang, poetry, skin cancer, abandonment, David Lynch, logos

*Medicine: Michael Jackson has skin cancer. Or maybe he doesn’t.

*Ideas begun: I barely started a blog like Artificial Owl once, but I didn’t really follow through. It examines at man-made creations that have been abandoned. If AO were a tumblr, it would have a book deal pending. [mefi]

*Language: The Poetry of Slang – I think I need to read this book, yo. See what I did there? Circa 2004?

*Coming: The David Lynch Interview Project. This guy has so much more hair than I do. So so much more.

*Playing: Gonzales has completed a 27+ hour piano concert. Maybe more of us should have mentioned this before the concert, but personally, I don’t care for piano all that much. [mefi]

*Translations: All your base are belong to us – the correct translation. [waxy]

*Brands: One day in the life of one woman as told in logos. It begins with Crest and ends with Dove. And there is Durex in the middle. [buzzfeed]

*Video: Watch the Kool-Aid man in Second Life. Second Life. Still here. It looks relaxing. [fimoculous]

*Today’s links: D+. Uninspired. But it’s the Lord’s day.

Video: Harry J All-Stars’ “Liquidator”

This will surely soothe you.