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Month: May, 2009

Links for 5.19.09: Little houses, Danger Mouse blanks, Dylan’s poetry…

*The World: Read National Geographic‘s “The Global Food Crisis – The End of Plenty.” About a year and a half ago, at the day job, we put out a report (which I actually enjoyed working on) called “A Finite Future.”

*Local: Handwritten poetry from a teenage Bob Dylan is going up for auction. [tds]

*The Internet: Joel Johnson talks about blogging and the Wired brand. I used to read the magazine sometimes.

*Twitter: Tweeting Too Hard tracks the most self-important tweets on Twitter. [waxy]

*Gimmicks: Remember that Danger Mouse album referenced in a post a couple of days ago? Buy a blank disc, find the music yourself.

*Lists: Study Pitchfork’s top 100 albums of the 1990s.

*Local: Anna Wintour thinks I’m fat. Funny, because I think I’m bald.

*I didn’t do much in the way of quips today. I’ll double up on them tomorrow. Or maybe the well has run dry. The thing is, you never know.

Video: David Lynch’s Interview Project

Links for 5.17.09: Slang, poetry, skin cancer, abandonment, David Lynch, logos

*Medicine: Michael Jackson has skin cancer. Or maybe he doesn’t.

*Ideas begun: I barely started a blog like Artificial Owl once, but I didn’t really follow through. It examines at man-made creations that have been abandoned. If AO were a tumblr, it would have a book deal pending. [mefi]

*Language: The Poetry of Slang – I think I need to read this book, yo. See what I did there? Circa 2004?

*Coming: The David Lynch Interview Project. This guy has so much more hair than I do. So so much more.

*Playing: Gonzales has completed a 27+ hour piano concert. Maybe more of us should have mentioned this before the concert, but personally, I don’t care for piano all that much. [mefi]

*Translations: All your base are belong to us – the correct translation. [waxy]

*Brands: One day in the life of one woman as told in logos. It begins with Crest and ends with Dove. And there is Durex in the middle. [buzzfeed]

*Video: Watch the Kool-Aid man in Second Life. Second Life. Still here. It looks relaxing. [fimoculous]

*Today’s links: D+. Uninspired. But it’s the Lord’s day.

Video: Harry J All-Stars’ “Liquidator”

This will surely soothe you.


Video: Jam Wow autotuned


Links for 5.14.09: Seeing, anonymity, Wild Things, air sex…

*Eyes: Here’s the best visual illusion of 2009. Also, I’m now blind.

*Sports: Air sex is like air guitar, but without a woman. Or a man. Your choice. Or both, I guess? However you swing. Or whatever. [what?]

*Books: We Love You So is a blog for the movie “Where the Wild Things Are.” [popcandy]

*Icons: Rob Walker’s gallery of anonymity – featuring the default icons from social networking sites from across the web – is growing. I will always be a toilet. Even when I’m not yet a toilet. Or not currently a toilet. What?

*History: Learn your lesson – How they dealt with credit crunches in the Middle Ages. Have I told you lately that I’m deleveraging? Not as fun as it sounds.

*Music: A concept, a book, an album. NPR on Danger Mouse’s, Sparklehorse’s, and David Lynch’s (among others) “Dark Night of the Soul.”

*Day job: This one is from my day job, but still interesting (WUCKA!) – The Boobox is a vending machine that gives away free samples.

*Internet: This bookmarklet allows you to see the web in Kanye West vision. [filter]

*Today’s links: Lowercase d. It’s that fucking low.

Video: Anvil – Metal on Metal

Anvil plays after the screening of the much-touted documentary film about them at Minneapolis’ Uptown Theater. I did not see the film or the performance because I am old.


Links for 5.13.09: 8-bit Miles tribute, Bach’s face, Klingon opera…

*Projects: Kind of Bloop – Help fund an 8-bit tribute album to Miles Davis. Then spend the rest of your life trying to explain to your friends what, exactly, that whole idea even is.

*Music: There’s a new Wilco record out.

*Opera: u is a Klingon-language opera whose very existence terrifies me. AND EXCITES ME. Except not that last part. Could take it or leave it, really. [neatorama]

*Images: The Face of Bach aggregates images of Johann Sebastian Bach. I like the idea of a site that aggregates images of a person or thing, offering an a-temporal view of what they “look like.” Does anyone even know what I’m talking about here or am I just making up crazy bullshit? Seriously, baby to old man, fat to thin, good to bad, bald to extremely bald, sew it all up and just tell me what I look like. [presurfer]

*Companies: You can skateboard at the Red Bull headquarters. Did I ever tell you about the time I kickflipped off a rail slide? That’s because it never happened. And I don’t know what it means. [psfk]

*Blogs: 100 blogs that are helping change the world. You will note that everyone’s favorite blog about phonographs spinning in a soothing manner has been excluded. Again. [mandylevenberg]

*Local: ART? HUGE MURALS? RECORD STORES? BEARS? Broken Crow and OverUnder decorate Shuga Records.

*Today’s links: Back to the shitter today. But that Bon Iver cover video from earlier tonight was damn passable.

Video: The Skybike is for upside-down biking

This is a bike that lets you ride upside-down. Also, this video is upside-down. Fucked up? You better believe it.


Video: Bon Iver covers the Jayhawks’ “Tampa to Tulsa”



Links for 5.12.09: Mead, twitter, beards, non-photos, unbrands and MORE

*Things I Hate: What this article from GOOD fails to tell you is that mead tastes like a combination of old mushrooms, dog shit and a nickel you’ve been carrying around in your ass crack.

*Covers: I forgot to post this yesterday. Because my brain cells are slipping away. If there were such a thing as listenerdbait, this would be it. Album covers reimagined as Penguin book covers.

*Negatives: Unphotographable offers prose accounts of pictures not taken. WHICH IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF SHIT I TOTALLY LOVE. (It would be nice if there were some more mundane ones, though.) [magnetbox]

*Idol: Is American Idol fixed? I once watched this show for an entire season. And I have the scars to prove it (they are emotional scars). [vulture]

*BEAMCAST: Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam has steadfastly refused to do a podcast with me. And yet he is streaming “Around the Well” on his MySpace page. Inconsistent much, jerk face? OH no. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry. I got emotional. Ugh.

*Branding: Product Displacement is a blog that tracks instances of fictionalized brands’ appearances in movies and TV, as well as unbrandings (the removal of branding from real companies). [murketing]

*Twitter: Paste tried to compile a list of the 10 funniest twitterers. Other than Bad Banana, this is an awful list. OK, Michael Ian Black is fine, too. Please stick to what you’re good at, Paste – which is releasing free compilation albums once a year in conjunction with eMusic. [spincity] Also: If Kanye were on Twitter, he might be one of the funniest. Based on this.

*Facial hair: Being a hierarchy of beards. I have grown a beard of my own in the past week. And now I must slaughter a fatted calf with my bare hands. [buzzfeed]

*Today’s links: C-. I’m not embarrassed by them for the first time in nearly 15 years.

Video: Clap Your Hands Say Mario


Links for 5.11.09: Har Mar, Brian Williams and Neutral Milk Hotel…

*Music: Brian Williams is a music blogger now. Maybe it’s time to get out. While I still can. Can I? No? Well, starting a tumblr is sort of a loophole, right?

*FUN: Oh look, an interactive graph of global unemployment! In tomorrow’s links: Foreclosures and baby slappings.

*Things: I have not mentioned Amanda Palmer’s Neutral Milk Hotel musical based on “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” yet. This is because I like the band’s songs very much.

*Local: I live near Har Mar Mall. I am not a superstar, or even close to one. Nor would I ever make that claim. Nor allow my physique to take such shape. Also, hoboburgers. [mnspeak]

*Today’s links: Uranium.

Links for 5.10.09: Mobile Phone Orchestra, full-court pressing, Oprah and KFC…

*Orchestral: Check out the Mobile Phone Orchestra on NPR’s All Things Considered. I didn’t get a cellphone until 2004 or so. [murketing]

*Gladwell: Says the New Yorker‘s Malcolm – Weak basketball teams should full-court press more often. Effort can trump arms. Backlash to Gladwell only comes from those who read too much into him in the first place. He’s a good storyteller. Backlash is nearly always meant to be an instructive effort toward one’s future self.

*Sources: Harper’s links are pretty good. They really need to open up their RSS feed, though.

*Music: The Times profiles Steve Earle on the occasion of his completing his album (“Townes”) of songs by Townes van Zandt. (Regards, Flatrat.) Whatever your opinion of Steve Earle, he OWNED the role of Bubbles’ AA sponsor in “The Wire.”

*Twitter: A list of CEOs who Twitter. Most people are terrible at the medium. That doesn’t mean the medium is terrible. I thought I would reiterate that for the 400th time. Also, Bon Iver. Bono sucks. I am bald. GOODBYE. [techmeme]

*Instruments: If I had any idea what these squidolin people were talking about, I’d tell you. I don’t. And I went to one of the finest public schools in America. Well, at least a passable one. [notcot]

*Sex: The Stranger releases its annual sex survey. Are you a pervert? Check here. (If I were a lesser man, I would have sent you to Lemon Party with that last link. But I am not. A lesser man. At this time.) [waxy]

*Work: My colleague was quoted extensively on CNN on the matter of the Oprah Winfrey / KFC chicken giveaways. Have I mentioned what a great idea I think FAMOUS BOWLS are? IN THEORY ONLY? In theory only.

*Today’s links: D-. I love you, mom. And I’ll try to do you proud next time. Again.