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Links for 6.5.09: The world, Goths, dance parties, Twitterbelle, seed bombs…

*Economics: This brief history of the world over the past 200 years – in vizzie form narrated with an awesome accent – is simply wonderful. I strongly urge you to watch the video if you are a human being with a mind or know any human beings with minds. [stubbs or reed]

*Books: The next major book deal from the world of the internet is upon us: Goths in Hot Weather. Did the creators of this blog not know about Tumblr? [urlesque]

*Politics: Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is running for county clerk of Wahkiakum County in Washington. County clerk. Heh. Geek.

*Offices: Check out David Byrne’s office on this video slide show. [psfk]

*Update: Friend of the listenerd music blog Spin City KIND OF almost knows that dude who started the Sasquatch dance party that we (and everybody else) blogged a few days ago.

*Podcasts: Friend of the listenerd music blog The Blisslist did a playlist / interview on Breakthru Radio. You can listen to the mp3 of the show here. Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam was not on it.

*Gardening: Horticulture jammers gets a new weapon – the seed bomb. Have I mentioned that I like to activate the nitrogen in compost heaps by urinating in them? Remind me not to. It would be embarrassing. [eyeteeth]

*Twitter: Twitter user @poeks has created Twitterbelle, a useful tool for seeing whom you have most favorited. The site’s especially handy for serial favoriters, such as those who frequent Favrd. If you don’t use Favrd, you should probably consider it. Unless you are bad at twittering.

*Local assignment: This is for someone at Heavy Table, or any other locals smarter than I am (the list as long and distinguished).

I’d like for someone to put Twin Cities neighborhoods on a Google map. Then I’d like residents of those neighborhoods to be able to indicate what restaurant or food experience they feel they’re lacking in their area. Then I’d like other users to be able to agree or disagree with them, or suggest alternatives.

For instance: I live in Como Park. There’s no pizza here. My neighbors all acknowledge the lack of pizza. Some have suggested alternatives. Some are OK, none are perfect (or even, really, that great). This idea properly executed would serve as both a nice recommendation engine for residents by micro-region and also a VERY useful tool for companies or marketers looking for food-related needs gaps. (Let me stress: This is not REVIEWS – which many sites have. The emphasis is flipped and consumer need is at the forefront. This is important. Or something. Thank you.)

Yes, I just said needs gaps. If there’s something out there already that fulfills these purposes, I apologize for my ignorance and would use it.

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