Tumblrs with book deals – gutenbait?

(Updated 7.6.09 – added a couple of blogs with deals)

Below is a list (by no means exhaustive) of tumblrs that are now available in lovely printed form. I’ve also included a number of near-tumblrs – simple, single-concept tumblr-like blogs that are as much about images and an idea as they are about prose. Is like half of all book-reading now being done on the toilet or something?

Anyway, I informally propose blogs of this type and flavor henceforth be called Gutenbait (Digg-bait for the gutenberg-era).

*Look at this fucking hipsterSt. Martin’s
*This Is Why You’re FatHarperStudio
*Hot Chicks with Douchebags (this should have been a Tumblr) – Simon Spotlight
*FMLMichel Lafon Publishing
*Pets Who Want to Kill ThemselvesThree Rivers Press
*Rules for My Unborn SonSt. Martin’s
*Texts from Last NightGotham
*Sleeveface – Artisan Workman
*Cake WrecksAndrews McMeel Publishing

*I’m not counting: Postcards From Yo Momma, I Can Haz Cheeseburger or Stuff White People Like. Because I am in charge here.

I’d like to recommend for bookization:
*Goths in Hot Weather

Furthermore, Give Us A Book Deal offers a regular stream of idiotic book deal-bait tumblr ideas such as “Rules for My Future Dog” and “Slutty Ninjas.”

*Update: Apparently Gawker doesn’t read the Listenerd. Or at least doesn’t link to it! Not much new info in this book-to-blogs post, but a shout-out to Boner Party, which is good?