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Month: July, 2009

Links for 7.29.09: Prince, Van Morrison, Phish

*Words: Being a linguistic examination of a Van Morrison rant filled with swear words. Related: Go fuck yourself. [mefi]

*Comics: Sally Forth meets Thomas Pynchon. I met Thomas Pynchon once. And have the aphasia to prove it. [harper’s]

*Local: Was Purple Rain the high-water mark of Twin Cities music? I saw Prince play at the Mill City Music Festival once. Then I got extraordinarily drunk and danced on 1st Avenue. Remind me not to describe that in detail to anyone. Ever. [daily swarm]

*Music: I started a LinkedIn group called Professionals for Clarity, Levity and Brevity once. This Mashable article about music and social media would in no way qualify for inclusion in our holy bible. And I have high tolerance.

*Headlines: Love this headline re: Wired’s Chris Anderson – Chris Anderson Less Intellectually Curious Than George W. Bush [spincity]

*Furniture: Cassette lamps. Where’s the 8-track footstool? See what I did there? Hated myself. Intensely. [coudal]

*TV: I am currently watching a television program that’s telling me that Michael Jackson was addicted to eBay. But I can’t imagine him using a computer with any proficiency. He used IE, right?

Video: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Pentatonic Scale

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[via @marieeveboucher]

Links for 7.29.09: Music mags, rock auctions, Coen films…

*Oft-linked: Slate asks why music magazines are dying. I ask why they are living. (See what I did there?) More on the matter of music magazines from Vulture. You will note that despite being 34 years old and writing a quasi-music blog, I have only once subscribed to a music magazine, and it was for my job.

*Film: The Walker will do a Coen Brothers retrospective in October. [mnspeak]

*Buy: The Rock and Roll Pop Art Auction. It is on. It is so on. (I don’t really know what that means.)

*Prose: Movieline is written very well. “Hey, do you like nudity and outlandish blood spurting? Haha, trick question, we all like those things.”

*Staycations: My colleague Abelardo (who runs LatinoLA) wrote about his musical staycation for the day job.

*Video: Everyone has linked to this, but it doesn’t mean William Shatner’s version of Sarah Palin’s resignation speech doesn’t deserve some respect.

*I will return. I swear it.

Video: Cory Arcangel’s YouTube cats playing Schoenberg

Drei Klavierstucke, op. 11-I. A classic.


Video: Andrew WK as weatherman


Links for 7.26.09: Piracy! Charley Harper! Pushbutton! Writing through!

*Business: The New York Times looks at how streaming music is changing the pay / piracy equation. Can Spotify and Pandora cause people to steal less?

*Video: Watch the Tron Legacy trailer. The bicycles remind me of the Apple IIe game Viper. I think.

*Craft: Handpainted Charley Harper needlepoint patterns. One of them costs $350 bucks. I don’t have $350 to spend on needlepoint. FYI.

*Technology: Sort of in line with the death of RSS feeds discussion is Anil Dash’s post on what he calls “The Pushbutton Web.”

*Reading: Of these 61 Essential Post-Modern Reads, I have read nine. Illiteracy wins! Illiteracy wins again! [harper’s]

*Local: You can watch this video of former Minneapolites The Hold Steady performing “Sequestered in Memphis.” Sequestered. Funny word. Also: glittery.

*Thrashing: This was linked to by one of the big blogs, but still, hard not to link to a set of Miles Davis skateboards. [bb]

*More video: Wired editor Chris Anderson talks more about “Free” on Charlie Rose. I don’t know how you can call yourself a writer or editor and embrace the idea of “writing through“. Write it or don’t write it. But don’t write through it. [psfk]

Video: Bon Iver and The National’s Matt Berninger

Let’s all ovulate together.

“Big Red Machine”

Links for 7.23.09: Metal beards, Palin tics, Boner prose…

*Polls: One of the most important questions of our time – Are beards metal? (I voted “not metal.” The results may shock the fuck out of you.)

*Feed readers: Two very good posts about the future of RSS feeders and idea recommendation. I obviously have a lot to say about these matters and not a lot of free time to say it. The interesting thing about my previous statements that I considered twitter a recommendation engine for ideas is that the people I follow don’t ever link to anything.

*The Future: You can’t throw a neon disc without hitting a blog talking about upcoming Tron-themed Daft Punk events. Or maybe that’s just among the blogs I read. Hmf.

*Green: Carrotmobbing is gimmicky. It’s also been one of my favorite ideas since I first saw it for the day job way back.

*Local: Recently deceased St. Paul musician Jeff Hanson’s autopsy showed that he died of a drug overdose. UGH. [tds]

*Local: The Telegraph on Bob Dylan and the Hibbing High School class of ’59 reunion. [mnspeak]

*Discovery: I used to cover a lot more Web 2.0 music discovery recommendation engine shit on this blog. Then I got bored with it. Still, Ghostly (for the iPhone) looks pretty cool. Well. It has a ghost. [notcot]

*Prose: Sexist, maybe. Boner Party, though? Yes.

*Editorial: Vanity Fair marks up Sarah Palin’s resignation speech. To be fair, if an editor went through a transcript of me talking for 20 minutes, it would be an enormous red knot.

*Video: The Wikipedia Files, a five-part video interview of The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne by the Chicago Public Radio Blog. [coudal]

*Apology: Late to so much. The dude won’t sleep.

Video: One Man Rock Band


Links for 7.20.09: Bro-core, music recognition, 8-bit bullshit…

*Genres: If there really is a sub-genre of heavy metal music called bro-core, I want to be a part of it. Brohitos? Are you with me? I’m willing to play bass. If that’s allowed in bro-core.

*Music: The BBC does a piece on song recognition technology (like Shazam) and advancement in said field. You can say “said” even though you typed it. I looked that up.

*Money: The Wall Street Journal looks at the business side of Jack White. Pasty. [shorties]

*Music: Listen to an 8-bit tribute to Weezer. If you’re nerdy enough. (Please know that I only used the word “bullshit” above because it rhymed.) [waxy]

*Twitter: Trent Reznor deleted his account. Now how do we know what he ate for breakfast?

*Shirts: Kanye Vader is like Darth Vader, but with shuttered glasses. Hence the Kanye part. [spin city]

*Reading: Five twitter things to read.

Video: Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch has cancer

Links for 7.19.09: P-fork’s festival, Cronkite’s moustache, ice cream clouds…

*Festivals: Read NPR’s take on the Pitchfork Music Festival. Because public radio rules the rock and roll roost. (The previous statement contains an implicit commentary about modern society and the devolution of formerly rebellious forms of art.)

*Streaming: Spotify is on its way to the U.S. Slate reviews. I don’t normally care much for Slate.

*Phones: Textually points out this fat-burning concept phone. With obesity on the rise, how about a phone that derives energy straight from our expanding fat stores? You know what I mean? (Our guts.)

*Twitter: It has been stated that in the world of twitter, there are two camps: the favoriters and the retweeters. Here is a look into the enemy camp. [venturebeat]

*Illness: Melissa Auf der Maur kept a Swine Flu diary. [earfarm]

*Podcasts: I linked to this on Twitter, but I need to do it again. Listen to this podcast from The Memory Palace on Ben Franklin and his rumored death ray.

*Video: Howard Rheingold talking about 21st century literacies. I can’t spell. Or think. Or read.

*Ice cream: The Cloud Project proposes to seed neighborhoods with ice cream-flavored clouds. [wmmna]

*Obits: Walter Cronkite died. Esquire posted his “What I’ve Learned” interview. “I grew my mustache when I was nineteen in order to look older. I never shaved it off even though it overran its usefulness many, many years ago.”

*More on music and torture: Prisoners forced to listen to Dr. Dre and Eminem for 20 days straight. [harper’s]

Video: Akustisch – Gesturing your way to music

[fresh creation]

Video: Shaq’s Michael Jackson dance tribute

The man can dance.