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Links for 7.8.09: The limited engagement

*Disasters: The trailer of a movie with many. Also, a shit-ton of bongos. [@bozofish]

*Whoa: Spezify – Type a word, then see it, hear it, know it. [blackrimglasses]

*Computers: Fake Steve Jobs is back, and he’s talking about the Google OS. San Dimas High School Football rules. As you know.

*Bests: The best thing I’ve linked to over the past week or so. The Eternal Moonwalk.

*Weiners: Oscar Mayer died. He lived a long life and many people enjoyed his weiners. Which is to say hot dogs. Ugh.

*Drink: Production of Kid Rock’s “American Bad Ass” beer begins today. Guaranteed to taste like sweat. And motor oil. And maybe hep C.

*Literature: Things I Have Written in Cover Letters. Not me. The author. I’m not looking for a job. (Call me!) [coudal]

*Meta: Tests use virtual reality to examine questions of race and bias. This is serious stuff, so let’s all stay serious for a second here. [murketing]

*Music: Buzzfeed identifies Crabcore, a genre of music “characterized by the guitar player’s “crabwalk,” an extremely low stance, wherein both feet are set apart from one another as far as possible in a very deep squat.”

*Ahem: I’m keeping up the Twitter linking, but also doing an occasional link round-up. I think.

Video: Wind Chime (After Dream)