Links for 7.13.09: Long-term ganking, leaf clothes, Lady GaGa meets MGMT…

by Josh Kimball

*Hate the players: On the streets, this is called BITING someone else’s game. Total gank move.

*Video: Watch a day’s worth of travel jammed into a one-minute YouTube video. It looks like yellow bugs crawling, which is to say, I highly recommend it. [eyeteeth]

*Fashion: How would you like a shirt that takes pictures? (Remind me never to wear this shirt inside-out.) “While the current version of these fabrics can only image nearby objects, it can still see much farther than most shirts can.” [harper’s]

*More fashion: If you want to wear leaves, wear them with style. On your head. And groin. [coudal]

*Fatness: I actually wrote about this last week for the day job: America, being fat.

*Doodles: The Poetry Foundation, who my wife sometimes writes for, does a review of the drawings of David Berman, formerly of the Silver Jews.

*Video: Weezer mashes up MGMT and Lady GaGa. This blog link was auto-generated based on an algorithm created by aggregating and parsing music blog text and links. [idolator]

*Copyright: Which pop musicians are stealing from which other pop musicians?

*Twitter: There are some new Twitter favorite trackers to compete with FavrdFavstar and Tweeteorites.