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Video: Andrew WK as weatherman


Links for 7.26.09: Piracy! Charley Harper! Pushbutton! Writing through!

*Business: The New York Times looks at how streaming music is changing the pay / piracy equation. Can Spotify and Pandora cause people to steal less?

*Video: Watch the Tron Legacy trailer. The bicycles remind me of the Apple IIe game Viper. I think.

*Craft: Handpainted Charley Harper needlepoint patterns. One of them costs $350 bucks. I don’t have $350 to spend on needlepoint. FYI.

*Technology: Sort of in line with the death of RSS feeds discussion is Anil Dash’s post on what he calls “The Pushbutton Web.”

*Reading: Of these 61 Essential Post-Modern Reads, I have read nine. Illiteracy wins! Illiteracy wins again! [harper’s]

*Local: You can watch this video of former Minneapolites The Hold Steady performing “Sequestered in Memphis.” Sequestered. Funny word. Also: glittery.

*Thrashing: This was linked to by one of the big blogs, but still, hard not to link to a set of Miles Davis skateboards. [bb]

*More video: Wired editor Chris Anderson talks more about “Free” on Charlie Rose. I don’t know how you can call yourself a writer or editor and embrace the idea of “writing through“. Write it or don’t write it. But don’t write through it. [psfk]